• All you Need to Know About Marble Games
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All you Need to Know About Marble Games

All you Need to Know About Marble Games

All you need to know about Marble Games

Games are an important aspect of kids’ lives. This is not only because games are entertaining to kids but also because they are very educational. Some of the crucial benefits that kids benefit from playing games include developing critical thinking skills, sharpening the mind for better understanding and ability to creatively solve problems and challenges. One of the oldest and most popular types of games for kids is the marble game. The history of this game dates back to 4000 BC in Egypt when the first form of this game was developed. Over the years, the game has undergone numerous changes and is now available in different varieties. One of the most unique aspects about this game is that it has never fallen out of fashion and is very entertaining to both children and adults. 

What are marbles? 

Marbles can be described best as small, spherical objects with a diameter of not more than 2.54 cm (about an inch). These objects are made using either glass or stone and are usually brightly colored. They can be also decorated using captivating colors that are very attractive. Primitive marble games have evolved into modern sports such as pinball, billiards, and bowling. 

Examples of Marble Games 

There are several examples and variations of marble games. These games follow different rules and have varying levels of entertainment. They include:

Marble Run Toy 

Marble Run Toy, also known as the rolling ball game, revolves around constructing a Marble Run tower where the marble will run through. This is a favorite marble game among many kids because it is very engaging and captivating. The Marble Run game is comprised of a set of plastic Marble Run tubes that can be put together as parallel Marble Run tracks for a Marble Race. It is very easy to assemble this track as the player can use different types of Marble Run action pieces and Marble Run support pieces to set up the track they want to build. The Marble Run game uses can use marbles that are 5/8 in. or smaller and various weights, colors, and material (either glass or plastic). To make the game more exciting, the player can consider building Marble Run tracks interconnect with one another, but these will usually require the help of a parent. 

Marble Run Roller Coaster 

Many children identify with this game due to their great love for riding real life roller coasters. There is nothing more exciting to kids than running several marbles down the roller coaster that they have built. This game requires serious tinkering as setting up Marble Run Roller Coasters requires superb imagination as well as problem-solving skills. It is worth noting that the Marble Run Roller Coaster game may be quite hard and complex to set up especially for beginners. However, you can help your children to develop and polish their roller coaster building skills before letting them to do it on their own. You can make a Marble Run Roller Coaster that is as long as you would want it to be as long as you have enough building structures. These structures are made of plastic and have interlocking capabilities for easy set up and stability while playing. 

Magnetic Marble Run 

This is yet another incredible example of marble games. This game is quite similar to the ordinary Marble Run only that in this version, the Marble Run track is made using magnetic foam pieces. These pieces can be combined in endless design combinations and set ups to provide multiple fun and learning levels. The most basic version of this Marble Run game features 14 base pieces, 10 activity cards and 4 marbles. Using your imagination and creativity while referring to the Marble Run track suggestions in the activity cards, you can create a sophisticated track and then let the balls run through the track. The best thing about this game is that it helps greatly in developing critical thinking skills. As such, it is very beneficial to kids especially in sharpening their minds.  

Marble Run Track 

Ideally, the fun and excitement of playing marble games are dependent on the type and nature of track you set up. If you are able to design and build an outstanding Marble Run track, then you will find playing marble games very fulfilling. There are lots of commercial marble track set ups that you can purchase to use in playing your favorite marble game. Marble Run tracks differ in aspects such as maximum length and height attainable, quality of the tracks, and overall appearance including their décor aspects. Therefore, it is important to conduct an extensive search on the best Marble Run track to purchase depending on your preferences. It is advisable that you purchase multi-game tracks as you can use such tracks in playing different variations and versions of marble games. 

Where to buy the best quality Marble Run Toys

There are lots of places where you can purchase quality marble toys but we believe that you don’t need to look any further than www.marblegenius.com. Being a leading seller of Marble Run Toys, www.marblegenius.com prioritizes on sourcing and selling top quality Marble Run Toys. These are toys that come with a guarantee for excellent performance, great durability, and unrivaled uniqueness. What is more amazing when buying Marble Run Toys from this site is that we also offer some of the most unique and exciting pieces on the market. As such, if you want to gift your child a something that he/she will live to remember, you should start and end your search at www.marblegenius.com! These toys are made using the latest technology and thereby boast not only great quality but are safe for kids older than 3 years old to enjoy. 

Marble Run

Tips to remember 

It is best to set up the Marble Run Toys playing tracks on a smooth surface preferably in an open space for free movement. If you are setting up the Marble Run track indoors, you can build the tracks on a reasonably high table or on the carpet. In addition to this, you should consider using marbles that are the same color as opposed to differently colored marbles. The uniformity in the color of the marbles makes the game more enticing to play. Try learning a new Marble Run playing technique and concept everyday in order to find marble games thrilling and exciting. Playing the same game version everyday can be quite boring. Check out our Marble Run videos for even more ideas!

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