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STEM Toys and their Benefits - Making Kids Smarter

STEM Toys and their Benefits - Making Kids Smarter

If you have school going children, then you must be familiar with the importance and value of education in their lives and the impact that STEM Toys can have. This is why it is greatly important to ensure that you provide them with the resources they need to learn both at school and toys. STEM Toys are some of the multi-purpose learning materials that kids can use to sharpen their learning skills & knowledge and still have fun at the same time. This is because the toys are not only entertaining and engaging to play with but also very educational. In the recent past, the use of these toys for educational purposes has grown tremendously thereby enhancing their popularity among parents across the globe. 

Defining STEM Toys

STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math and is an important category of STEM Toys. The best definition of STEM Toys is learning toys developed with an educational concept for use in learning purposes. These toys are not like any other toys as the reason behind the design and development of these toys is for educational reasons and not for fun only like for other toys. These STEM Toys aim at sparking interest in science, technology and mathematics in children at a very young age. This is particularly in the early development stages of kids when they are growing interest in the things they like. 

For parents and guardians who have always wondered what benefits their kids get from playing toys, these learning toys have a significant positive impact in the educational wellbeing of a kid. The attractiveness of these toys is seen in the uniqueness and creativity used in the design and making of the toys. The driving force behind the introduction of the toys in the curriculum is to equip kids and young learners with fine learning skills. 

What are the Benefits of STEM Toys

It is no secret that the debate on the importance and benefits of STEM Toys has been very prevalent lately. To some parents, there is very little or no difference at all between STEM Toys and other basic toys. However, to those who have a first hand account of the exceedingly great benefits and advantages of these toys, learning toys are a must have item for every kid. Some of the benefits of the toys include:

Enhancing divergent thinking 

There is nothing more fulfilling than seeing a kid with a divergent thinking and approach to different approaches to situations in life. Gone are the days when kids relied on parents to think on their behalf and instruct them on what to do. In the present times, kids have become masters and crafters of their destinies. There are kids who are as young as 8 years old and have done incredible things compared to most people twice or thrice their ages. 

Enhancing creativity 

Playing with STEM Toys from a young age makes kids creative and develop problem solving skills at a very young age. In the current times, kids have come up with fascinating creations and innovations that are not only out of this world but have also dwarfed other similar innovations by grownups. A good example of this is the 14 year old boy from Texas who designed a one of a kind watch that was so complex such that his teachers thought it was a bomb. Such high level creativity and innovativeness can be traced back to the use of learning toys at an early age. 

Develop hand-eye coordination capabilities 

Not many people can be able to perfectly coordinate the motion of their hands with that of their eyes. This because of the reason that a majority of people only become experimental at advanced ages when it is almost impossible for them to learn a new skill. However, for kids who get exposed to STEM Toys while still young, it becomes easy for them to develop and perfect hand-coordination capabilities. These skills are very important in technical learning studies such as science and engineering. 

Promoting spatial skills 

Several research studies have showed that there exists a strong connection between construction play and spatial skills. Kids who play with STEM Toys show a profound interest in construction and often build sophisticated structures that portray the use of fine spatial skills and intelligence. Building structures invokes kids to use their imagination in creating a mental image on the structure they want to build even before commencing the construction of the structure. Recent experimental studies among youngsters have showed that kids with learning toys outperform their peers in mental rotation and spatial visualization. 

Which are some of the Best STEM Toys

There are lots of STEM Toys of different kinds and types. Even so, these toys are based on the concept of imparting educational value and benefits to kids. Some of the top learning toys include:

Magnetic Tiles 

Designed for use by kids of ages between 2 and 12 years, these toys are a worthy investment that is appropriate for all genders. The main reason why these toys are a favorite choice for parents and teachers is because the toys come with endless play possibilities. Additionally, the tiles are joined using magnets thereby making it easy for kids to create elaborate structures that can at times be taller than them. 

Marble Runs 

A Marble Run is arguably one of the best STEM Toys for kids across the globe as they are very engaging and entertaining for kids. These toys come in different variations including starter sets for beginners and super sets for pro players. Made using cutting edge technology, these toys boast of exceptional attributes such as great strength, durability, ease of ease, ability to invoke high level creativity, high-end quality and limitless options of play. These toys are designed to meet and exceed the expectations of kids as well as those of parents and teachers. You can get the best and creatively developed Marble Runs at www.marblegenius.com.

Snap Circuit Toys 

Snap Circuit Toys are regarded as clever learning toys due to their ability of taking advantage of children’s natural interest and excitement in building toys that teach the basics and principles of electricity. With over 60 pieces, the toys can be used in creating 300+ different electronic projects. Some of the common pieces in these toys include slide switches, snap wires, music integrated circuits, and alarm circuits among other pieces. 

If you want to introduce your children to some of the most important learning concepts and techniques, then STEM Toys are your best bet. With the onset of new technology promising to aid the creation and development of sophisticated STEM Toys, the toys will become a necessity of enhancing your kid’s sharpness and skillfulness in the near future. 

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