• Marble Run Instructional Video Launch - A Kids Classic Born Again!
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Marble Run Instructional Video Launch - A Kids Classic Born Again!

Marble Run Instructional Video Launch - A Kids Classic Born Again!

A Kids Classic Born Again: Marble Run!

If you ask anyone over 25 (and possibly younger) to name one of the toys they used to play with as a child then you can guarantee that almost all of them will mention marbles. Marbles, for most people, were just part of the growing up process. However, in recent times the good old marble has been rather lost in the new technological age. Kids these days seem to be strapped to computers rather than actually playing and interacting with other kids. This I think is a genuinely sad thing. But fear not my old-school, game-loving, friends; it seems the marble is having something of a renaissance through new and exciting Marble Run Toys! 

The Marble – Sped Up

Yes, that’s right, the marble has been given a new lease of life thanks to Marble Genius. The designers at Marble Genius have created a system of interlinking see-through plastic tubes that can be built in a massive array of differing heights, widths and with spinning intersections plus so much more. You just build it up then let gravity (and of course the marble!) do the rest. To see my old favourite marbles flying through this brightly colored marble maze of drops and lengths is amazing. And if, like me, you held quite an attachment to the marbles you used to have (and still do) then to see my kids put them to use is such a rewarding sight.

Learn & Grow

What’s great about a Marble Run is the sheer variety of different structures that can be built. These things range from small structures that can be built on a table top to gargantuan structures fit for the bigger kids (like myself). It’s a great way for kids to understand how to construct using the pieces available and in today’s world, of sitting in front of computers, I think the more games like a Marble Run that are available the better! Some kids really like the experience of getting to link the tubes up, gaining a real satisfaction from building from the base. Some prefer a little assistance but either way the end result is a super satisfying one for all involved. For the kids and adults that do like a little assistance and just for a few new ideas; our Marble Run team at Marble Genius has created some really useful step-by-step instructional videos.

Keep on Building!

Yes to get the most out of the Marble Run sets there are four online video’s to help you really create some fantastic structures. For the 60 piece Marble Run Starter Set there are two online videos that show a step by step guide to creating differing types of structures. These videos are designed to be played while building and have a 7-10 second gap between every step. It’s a really great way to spend 10-12 minutes learning how to best use the pieces that are available and once you have mastered the Marble Run Starter Set then maybe you can set your eyes on Marble Run Super Set!

Become a Master

If you have gained your stripes on the starter set (or feel you can just head straight to the big one) then try out the amazing 85 piece Marble Run Super Set. For this set there is even more variety and there are two great videos to help you on your journey. The first video takes you through a step-by-step guide of making a super complex tall set that will impress even the biggest of kids. The second video takes you through the building process of a wider structure fit to have a Marble Race with all of your friends. With these videos, kids get to learn a variety of simple and complex ways to use the Marble Run pieces available to produce unique end results, which opens up a world of possibilities within their minds. To have a step by step guide is the perfect way to learn by doing but have the confidence to know that you will get a great result by the end of it.

The Marble Lives!

So all-in-all the Marble Run, whether the Starter Set or Super Set, is a great way to teach kids how to build and develop their minds using STEM techniques.  With these new and exciting online Marble Run instructional videos the possibilities really are endless. And the best thing: your precious marbles live to roll another day.

Marble Run Instructional Videos: Step-by-Step

Marble Run Super Set

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