• Is Your Marble Run Fun?
  • Jeff Forgrave

Is Your Marble Run Fun?

Is Your Marble Run Fun?
When we were very young, our toys were our world. Remember the feeling of happiness when someone gave you a new toy to play with? Today, we can look at our children and their toys, and we can completely understand how important they are to them. However, not every toy is ideal for children. The best toys combine fun and learning, and this is especially important for young children. You are buying toys because they are fun, but each toy can teach us to be creative and to gain some knowledge of the world around us. This is the situation with the Marble Run.

Besides being extremely interesting, Marble Run Toys can teach your children a lot about physics or design. We all know that learning through entertainment is the best way of learning, so this is a good reason why you should get your kid a Marble Run.

The "Fun Factor"

As mentioned earlier, the most important characteristic of toys is the fun factor. Children are obviously not interested in boring toys and a toy that you can use in only one way often falls into this category. This doesn’t leave space for creativity, and because of that, the learning factor is also missing. Remember sitting in a boring class of a subject that you really liked. When the teacher presents us something in a boring way, then there is no way that we will perceive that knowledge. The same goes for toys. The fun factor is tightly connected to the learning factor, and one can’t go without the other. When buying a toy, always consider the various uses that toy will have and whether or not additional components can be added to it to keep it new and exciting for your child.

The benefits of Marble Run Toys

Marble Run Toys are a fun toy for many reasons. They are dynamic and can keep the attention of children. Besides that, it also improves a child’s cognitive capacity. The first thing that they will learn with a Marble Run set is patience, because time is needed to build a marble run. During the process of assembling, children will have to follow picture instructions so they can reach their goal. This will prepare them for future activities that include instructions  or problems that they will have to solve when they are older. The final benefit worth mentioning is creativity. Yes, after your child has studied a picture, and after the Marble Run was made according to the guidelines, the next step is to create a unique Marble Run with the same pieces. This opens the door for many creative possibilities and many hours of fun because there are seemingly endless ways to create them.

How to choose the right marble run

Marble Run Toys come in many different varieties and we have a number of articles on our site that talk about things to consider.  As it relates to fun, the first thing to keep in mind is the parts that make it up. Marble Run Toys can be very simple, like the Marble Genius Marble Run Starter Set that that comes with all of the key components to build a good Marble Run without overwhelming your child.  On the other hand, there are Marble Run Toys that have 100+ parts like the Marble Genius Marble Run Super Set that can keep your child entertained for hours. 

For younger children it is better to buy a Marble Run with a few parts like the Marble Run Starter Set sold by Marble Genius.  This set has fewer pieces and is designed to be completely safe for your child to play with. If your child has never played with a Marble Run, start with the Starter Set so your child can get comfortable with the concept and not get frustrated. 

The right time to buy complex marble runs is when your child is at least 6 and has some knowledge of Marble Run Toys. The Marble Run Super Set sold by Marble Genius will be a great challenge to your child.  This set has a number of exciting action pieces that are sure to entertain!  Good action pieces like ladders, wheels, chutes, and similar components are sure to entertain!  Please keep in mind that some Marble Run manufacturers like to advertise a large number of pieces for a cheap price; however, keep in mind that these Marble Run Toys often contain many decorative parts that don't have any practical use. The best choice is to pick a marble run that has plenty of tubes and action pieces, which will allow your child to be creative and to have hours of fun. 

Some Marble Run Toys are poorly designed and the marbles get stuck on the way down.  It's sometimes difficult to know whether or not you are buying a Marble Run that has this reputation.  On one hand, this can be a great challenge if you buy a poorly designed Marble Run and your child might find some creative way to get it to work. On the other hand, Marble Run Toys that have this problem will probably be  irritating, and your child will stop playing with it.  One sure fire way to know what you are getting is to watch Marble Run videos that show the marble action.  At Marble Genius, we pride ourselves on creating well designed Marble Run Toys that don't have this problem.  See for yourself: https://www.marblegenius.com/pages/marble-run-videos

Marble Run Toys are an "old-school" toy that has gotten a tremendous makeover thanks to companies like ours.  These toys are not only great educational toys that teach basic physic laws, but when designed right will provide hours of fun to children!  Hopefully this article has provided some guidance for things to consider when looking to buy Marble Run Toys that maximize FUN!

  • Jeff Forgrave