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Marble Rollercoasters 101

Marble Rollercoasters 101

Various types of Marble Games have been played by kids of all ages since marbles were invented in 1846; however, due to technological advances the style and design of these fun games have changed a lot. Some of the popular Marble Games played these days include marble tracks, marble races, marble runs and marble roller coasters.  You will be able to find lots of information on Marble Run Toys on our blog, but today we want to spend some time highlighting Marble Rollercoasters.

What are Marble Rollercoasters?

Marble rollercoasters are science based interactive toys that work on the principles of physics used for changing potential energy into kinetic energy. They help kids learn the basic principles of physics and are a great educational toy. They are miniature presentation of rollercoasters that you would find at amusement parks and include twists and turns and even loops!  You could attempt to make a Marble Rollercoaster at home using left over paper towel roles, pipes, and duct tape or you could spend a little bit of money and buy the real thing.

Types of marble rollercoasters

There are many different varieties of Marble Rollercoasters on the market and some of these are manual rollercoasters and some are automated so that the marble will be returned to the top of the Marble Rollercoaster by a battery operated lift.

Manual marble rollercoasters can be easily operated because they have less moving parts and are often shorter than their automated counterparts.  Battery operated or automatic Marble Rollercoaster have longer track with various types of turns and swirls to allow your marbles to cover much longer distance than manual Marble Rollercoaster. They are usually multi-level tracks which contain various other features like lighting etc. to make the game more interesting. These marble roller coasters are manufactured by various reputed companies manufacturing interactive toys for the kids. 

Some of the examples of manual and battery operated Marble Rollercoaster are given here under for your reference.

Quercetti Skyrail Mini Rail Rollercoaster: This marble rollercoaster with 150 Pieces is introduced by International Playthings which allows you to construct its tracks up to 27 feet in rollercoaster style yourself. The 27 feet long track of this Skyrail marble roller coaster made from its 150 pieces glows in the dark. Though it can be built in either of the two designs suggested in its instruction booklet but you can also design your own roller coaster tracks with the help of its pieces. This Marble Rollercoaster is made in Italy and is suitable for the kids of 6+ years old.

Space Rail Marble Roller Coaster With Steel Balls: This is a Level 3 Marble Rollercoaster manufactured by HUALI GROUP which has 16000mm Space Rail. You need not assemble the track of this space rail toy as it is available in assembled form with the help of the shafts, rails and base. The steel balls provided with it can sometimes run on scour and sometimes on snail to give a variety in the game to the players. But you can use your imagination to reassemble its track in some other pattern. After creating your track you can test its working by dropping the all through double loops. The package of this Marble Rollercoastervalso contains an elevator to create exciting stunts. This interactive toy is suitable for the kids over 15 years.

Kids Authority Spacerail/Spacewrap: This large sized special edition Marble Rollercoaster presented by Kids Authority glows in the dark. It is a battery operated roller coaster that helps in glowing in the dark after assembly. Another feature of this Marble Rollercoaster is that it can also be used to run RC stunt vehicle and cars. Spacewrap is a great toy for the kids over 15 years of age as it allows them to understand and learn some scientific principles with the cool race of the marbles on its race tracks. But the difficulty level of this toy is a bit higher than other as its design compels the kids to coordinate their mind and hands to prove their ability against the challenges. 

In 2017, Marble Genius will be rolling out our own line of Marble Rollercoasters in addition to our existing product line of Marble Run Toys.  We think there's a huge need for Marble Rollercoasters that are exciting, but are less complex than some of the Marble Rollercoasters that are currently on the market.  Thanks for reading this primer and please stay tuned in the future for when we launch our Marble Rollercoasters!

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