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Importance of Interactive Toys For Kids

Importance of Interactive Toys For Kids

Interactive toys are an inseparable part of a child’s life as they play vital role in their development in early phases of life. The main purpose of these toys is not simply limited to having fun while playing with them, but also to learn and develop basic physical skills, cognitive thinking, introduction to numbers, and problem solving. 

Functions of interactive toys for kids:

Improvement in cognitive skills: Interactive toys help improve the cognitive skills of kids by helping them recognize colors and develop memorization and problem solving skills.  Kids also learn about numbers and size when playing with certain interactive toys.

Development of social skills: It is very important for infants to know and master social skills in their initial years. Some of the interactive toys like board games help in preparing the kids to understand emotions and explore the environment by turns and learning to manage with others.

Growth of imagination and logic: Children use their logic and imagination while playing with interactive toys. They also help in developing awareness and recognition of the surrounding environment.

Development of motor skills: Some interactive toys work on various parts of the body of toddlers like legs, hands, and fingers to balance and develop their muscular abilities which is necessary for them to explore the environment around them.

Growth of speaking skills: Today some robotic interactive toys are available in the market which help kids in learning how to speak a language properly by improving their speaking skills. They learn speaking along with enjoying the fun of the toy with proper guidance of their parents or older kin. 

Various types of interactive toys are available in the market today including educational toys and digital games etc. which help making children more informed since their preschool days till next few years. You can find numerous types of interactive toys on the market these days, but we wanted to highlight some of the most popular: Gear Sets, Legos, and Marble Run Toys are some of the most popular.

Gear Sets:

These colorful interactive toys will help in improving the imagination and logical skills of your kids. These are kids friendly fun toys with bright colors which can be assembled easily by the toddlers and provide them new experience of building things. They also develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills like little engineers with the help of their different components like pillars, gears, pillar connectors, six-way axels, handles and interlocking bases along with an activity guide. 


The interactive toys of this type are completely safe and environment friendly as they are made of ABS material. They are perfect choice for developing the intelligence of the kids along with enjoying fun. There are many different Lego toys including free-form legos with no instructions to highly scripted Lego sets to build boats, cars, planes and more.   

Marble Run Toys:

Various types of Marble Games have been played by kids since they were invented in 1846 and mass produced in 1915.  Whether at home, school, or at the house of the friend, Marble Games have stood the test of time. With the advancement of new technologies and manufacturing innovation, Marble Games have emerged as a leading interactive and STEM development toy during last few years. Though you can find dozens of different Marble Games at stores or online these days, there are only a select few that offer the best Marble Games that maximize the development benefit for children.  At Marble Genius, we consider our Marble Run Toys among the best that you will find anywhere.

Whether you decide to move forward with the purchase of Gear Sets, Legos, or Marble Run Toys, it's always critical to do your research so you know what you are buying.  Marble Run Toys in particular have had a number of very cheap and flimsy versions being sold on the Internet.  Do your homework and read this blog post to find the best Marble Run that money can buy!

  • Jeff Forgrave
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