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Combining Multiple Marble Run Sets Together

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Combining Multiple Marble Run Sets Together

With so many different types of toys on the market, it can be overwhelming to know what your kids will like and what they won't.

One aspect of a toy to consider is expandability. In other words, are there additional components/features you can buy as an add-on to enhance it? Some toys start gathering dust as soon as they're out of the wrapper, but the best toys are expandable and stay fresh and exciting over time.


Marble run toys fit into the expandable toy category because there are many different expansion options. At Marble Genius, we offer marble runs that can be combined together to allow you to make bigger and more complex marble run setups.

People who buy our Starter Set or Super Set often go on to buy another set or two, because they want to make bigger and better marble run designs.


Compatibility of Marble Run Pieces:

Before purchasing an additional set, it's important to understand what marble run pieces are compatible with your current set. Marble Genius marble runs are compatible with all Marbulous pieces. So if you have an existing Marbulous marble run, you'll be able to buy a Marble Genius set and add to your fun!

Types of Marble Run Pieces:

Once you've determined compatibility, it's important to understand what you're looking for when adding on to your existing marble run set. Chances are if you're looking to add on, you'll want to buy nothing less than our Super Set. Based on the feedback we've gotten from those who love our sets, this is the most popular choice for an add-on.

Marble Genius also has an Extreme Set with twice as many action pieces as our Super Set, including jumps, loops, etc. Or for those looking for specific pieces, such as extra tubes, automatic chain lift, or sky-high circles, you can check out our Accessory Sets.


Having a marble run toy is the pinnacle of fun, and adding on to it makes it even better. When you combine two or more Marble Genius sets, the excitement is unlimited.

Marble Run Super Set X 2Marble Run Super Set X 2

When looking for a toy, always keep in mind the expandability of it. If there's nothing to add over time, it won't keep your kids engaged for long and will just collect dust.

Marble runs are the perfect expandable toy that can stay fresh for years. Add components to keep it new and exciting, and most of all, HAVE FUN!