• NEW Marble Run E-Book Instruction Manual
  • Jeff Forgrave

NEW Marble Run E-Book Instruction Manual

NEW Marble Run E-Book Instruction Manual

We are happy to announce that we have produced a new e-book that has step-by-step pictures for 4 different marble runs.  Even though marble runs are a lot like Legos in that they allow for "flexible play," we occasionally receive requests for step-by-step instructions.  

In an effort to respond to this occasional feedback and maintain a green footprint, we produced a 50 page electronic marble run manual that has 2 beginner marble runs and 2 advanced marble runs.  We have produced a Kindle version and a PDF version.  This e-book has a number of features including a clickable table of contents and the ability to enlarge pictures to see the details.  

We include a product insert in every package that includes pictures for ideas and we include details for how to access our Tips, Videos, and E-Book.  Since we have received so few requests for this, we have only created an e-book and have not included a hard-copy of the manual with the product.  This allows us to keep the product cost lower and also maintain a green footprint by not unnecessarily including a large manual with every product.  Please e-mail me if you think we should include a manual with every product and raise the overall price of the product. 


Kindle - If using a Tablet or Phone, simply click the link and open in the Kindle App.  This manual will then be stored in your kindle Library.  If you download the file from your computer, follow these instructions for getting it to your library.

PDF - This version is not as interactive as the Kindle version, but it has all the same content.

We hope that this manual gives you some ideas for how to build different types of marble runs.  We plan to add more runs to these manuals over time, but we encourage you to build your own runs and be as creative as possible!

  • Jeff Forgrave