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Combining Multiple Marble Run Sets Together

Combining Multiple Marble Run Sets Together

With so many different types of toys on the market, it can be overwhelming to know what your kids will like and what they won't.

One aspect of a toy to consider is expandability. In other words, are there additional components/features you can buy as an add-on to enhance it? Some toys start gathering dust as soon as they're out of the wrapper, but the best toys are expandable and stay fresh and exciting over time.


Marble run toys fit into the expandable toy category because there are many different expansion options. At Marble Genius, we offer marble runs that can be combined together to allow you to make bigger and more complex marble run setups.

People who buy our Starter Set or Super Set often go on to buy another set or two, because they want to make bigger and better marble run designs.


Compatibility of Marble Run Pieces:

Before purchasing an additional set, it's important to understand what marble run pieces are compatible with your current set. Marble Genius marble runs are compatible with all Marbulous pieces. So if you have an existing Marbulous marble run, you'll be able to buy a Marble Genius set and add to your fun!

Types of Marble Run Pieces:

Once you've determined compatibility, it's important to understand what you're looking for when adding on to your existing marble run set. Chances are if you're looking to add on, you'll want to buy nothing less than our Super Set. Based on the feedback we've gotten from those who love our sets, this is the most popular choice for an add-on.

Marble Genius also has an Extreme Set with twice as many action pieces as our Super Set, including jumps, loops, etc. Or for those looking for specific pieces, such as extra tubes, automatic chain lift, or sky-high circles, you can check out our Accessory Sets.


Having a marble run toy is the pinnacle of fun, and adding on to it makes it even better. When you combine two or more Marble Genius sets, the excitement is unlimited.

Marble Run Super Set X 2Marble Run Super Set X 2

When looking for a toy, always keep in mind the expandability of it. If there's nothing to add over time, it won't keep your kids engaged for long and will just collect dust.

Marble runs are the perfect expandable toy that can stay fresh for years. Add components to keep it new and exciting, and most of all, HAVE FUN!

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All You Need to Know About Marble Games

All You Need to Know About Marble Games

Many of us have fond memories of playing with marble games when we were kids, and nothing makes us happier than seeing our own kids or grandkids having a blast with the very toys that brought us joy.

While some aspects of marble games have remained the same, a lot has changed over the years. Many more products are on the market, not to mention new innovations and mind-bending challenges that have been introduced. When it comes to choosing the right marble game for you, it can be overwhelming to know where to start. 

What are some of the key categories of marble games on the market today?

1. Marble Roller Coasters

These come unassembled, often with many small parts, and the track is open rather than tubed. The building process can require a lot of imagination and patience, making these a better fit for older kids. Once built, marble roller coasters create lots of excitement as the marble follows the path. Since they’re geared toward older kids, these sets tend to look less vibrant, focusing more on the construction aspect than providing a variety of colors.

(Spacerail Star Coaster Level 2)

2. Marble Runs

These of course are our specialty here at Marble Genius. Marble runs are similar to marble roller coasters in that they require assembly and create lots of exciting action once they’re built. However, the pieces are tubed and slightly larger, making them much easier to assemble and modify for kids of all ages. Marble runs feature bright colors, and most sets feature see-through pieces, allowing kids and parents to watch the marble as it races down the track.

(Marble Genius Super Set)

3. Magnetic Marble Runs

These marble runs contain larger pieces that can be arranged on a magnetic surface, such as a refrigerator or magnet board. Once they’re arranged, the marble rolls from top to bottom. Placement is important to avoid dropping the marble between pieces. These sets typically work best for younger children, since the pieces are larger and require less construction work. Older kids may get bored with these quickly due to the limited creations that can be made and fewer unique pieces.

(Tumble Trax Magnetic Marble Run)

Once you decide which type of marble game you want, here are a few tips to keep in mind:

  • Set up your marble run or coaster on a smooth surface, preferably in an open space for free movement around the track. If setting it up indoors, a large table or sturdy flooring work well. Softer carpets aren’t ideal due to lack of stability.
  • Let your imagination have fun as you explore new combinations and structures. The best way to make the most of these toys is to allow for free play.
  • Challenge a friend or family member with a competition, such as building the tallest marble run, using pieces of all the same color, or creating a marble race down the stairs. The possibilities are endless! For more ideas to take your marble game to the next level, check out our YouTube channel for creative ways we’ve used our Marble Genius sets.

Marble games are the perfect toy to have around the house. They’re an appealing alternative to screens, and they provide endless possibilities of creativity and fun. Let your kids’ imaginations run free!

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Is Your Marble Run Sturdy?

Is Your Marble Run Sturdy?

Marble runs can be great toys that provide hours of entertainment for you and your children. However, a number of very cheap and poorly designed marble runs have emerged on the market that will lead to nothing but headaches.

To an untrained eye, all marble run pictures on the internet might look the same, leading you to buy the cheapest priced product. However, we've learned from firsthand experience that this is definitely not the case.

There are six questions you should ask yourself to ensure you buy the sturdiest marble run possible:

1. What does the marble run look like up close?

Marble run products that have few pictures and no close-up pictures are ones to stay away from. Nine times out of ten, the companies selling these products are trying to hide something. If you can’t see the marble run pieces up close, keep looking!

Here's an up-close image of our Super Set pieces. You can see the plastic is thick and strong, and there aren't any tiny parts that can easily break.  You can also tell that all the pieces fit together snugly.

Marble Run Up-Close 

2. How big are the marble run bases?

The base of the marble run is the equivalent of a strong foundation of a home. If you have weak bases like the green one below, the marble run will be weak and wobbly. However, if you have at least one or more large bases like the blue one on the right, this will go a long way to help ensure the marble run is stable and strong.

Marble Run Bases

3. How thick and strong is the plastic of the marble run pieces?

To the untrained eye, it might appear that the two pieces below are the same. However, the marble run piece on the left is significantly thicker and stronger than the piece on the right. This leads to a strong structure and allows the pieces to stick together better.

4. How well do the marble run pieces stick together?

Most marble run sets won't show this to you because their pieces don't stick together well. Below is a picture of the Marble Genius pieces being held sideways over the floor. They didn't budge through the multiple takes of this photo.

If you buy a set with pieces that don't stick together well, you'll know it instantly because your set will keep falling down as you try to build it. If you're lucky enough to get your marble run assembled, you won't be able to move it because it will quickly fall apart. 

Marble Run Strong Pieces

5. Does the set have miniature pieces?

The orange pieces below are a great example of tiny parts that will break in no time once your child starts playing with it. These can also become a choking hazard for small kids. Stay away from marble runs that have a bunch of miniature parts like the orange pieces below.

6. Which marble run looks stronger?

When you put two marble run toys side by side, you can easily tell which one is sturdier. The marble run on the right has stronger bases, and the quality of materials doesn't compare. When shopping for a marble run, you might not have the luxury of putting two pictures side by side, but hopefully this gives you an idea of characteristics to look for.

Marble Run Comparison

If you use these six questions as a guide when buying your next marble run, it will go a long way in saving you time and frustration! Always read the product reviews, and try to watch any videos that the manufacturer has created so you know what you're buying.

To save yourself a lot of time and hassle, rest assured that if you buy a Marble Genius marble run, we've thought of all these things and produced our toys accordingly.

Happy shopping and happy building!


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Promote Child Development with Marble Run Toys

Promote Child Development with Marble Run Toys

Developing a child’s creativity and skills is a goal of every attentive parent. And toys are a perfect way to do that. Playtime doesn’t have to be wasted time. It can be a fertile ground of learning and discovery and an expansion of mental, emotional, and physical skills. 

Toys that challenge kids will increase their mental capacity over time. This is known as “active learning.” It's what happens when children use toys that make them think through challenges, problems, and scenarios.

In children aged six to twelve years, the advantage of using toys as teaching tools is that they think they're just having fun. But we know that the game they're playing is teaching important life-long skills.

Here are some of the skills we believe kids can learn from marble runs:

1. Marble runs build self-esteem.

Between the ages of six and eight, kids are beginning to exhibit some independence. They want to do things on their own. They also begin to understand the feeling of a sense of accomplishment.

This is a great place where marble runs come into play. Not only are they building cognitive and motor skills, but they're also building self-esteem through the accomplishment of building and playing with the marble run.

2. Marble runs foster teamwork.

While we as parents love to encourage independent play, we also have the responsibility and privilege of helping our kids learn. Working together as a team, we can encourage and guide them to maximize learning opportunities that come from marble runs. This ensures that they get the most out of their toys – and the learning experience they bring.

3. Marble runs encourage goal-setting.

We can assist our kids with marble runs by helping them set goals, as well as identifying the steps to reach those goals. Building a marble run is a lesson in creativity and patience, and we're the ones who can break down the ultimate goal of a completed marble run into manageable steps for our kids.

4. Marble runs develop the ability to focus.

Let’s face it, children in the age bracket of six to eight years have trouble focusing. We can help improve that focus by encouraging manageable playtime goals. Giving them pictures of run designs that they could make would give them something to shoot for. Many children are visual learners, so this is the perfect way to help them. 

The truth is that children have the ability to focus, but often their attempts are thwarted by their environment. Things like computers, phones, and tablets can offer distraction, but not necessarily learning experiences. Removing these, as well as clutter from other toys, from the play environment helps them focus on the task at hand.

5. Marble runs improve memory and recall.

One of the great advantages of marble run sets is their ability to improve children's memory and recall. If we show a picture of a marble run and encourage our kids to replicate that run, we're effectively exercising and expanding their ability to memorize and recall. This teaches them how to gather, store, and retrieve the data they need for specific tasks.

Kids in this age group have a greater memory capability because many routines (such as tying shoes, brushing teeth, and bathing) are automatic now. Once they figure out how to do basic marble run structures, you can give them more complex challenges. (To see different levels of design ideas, check out our Starter Set, Super Set, and Extreme Set, or download our app for interactive ideas and instructions.)

Your children are a precious gift. You love them deeply and want what's best for them. Creating a loving environment in which they feel secure is obviously most critical. However, finding ways to develop their mental and physical skills at home is important as well.

By using marble run toys in patient and creative ways, parents can help their children learn and exercise those abilities that will last a lifetime.

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Importance of Interactive Toys For Kids

Importance of Interactive Toys For Kids

Interactive toys are an inseparable part of kids' lives, playing a vital role in their development in early phases of life. The main purpose of interactive toys isn't simply limited to having fun, but also to learn. 


In our view, there are five primary functions of interactive toys for kids:

1. Improvement in Cognitive Skills

Interactive toys help kids recognize colors and develop memorization and problem solving skills. Kids also learn about numbers and size when playing with certain interactive toys.

2. Development of Social Skills

It's important for children to know and master social skills from a young age. Some of the interactive toys like board games prepare them to understand emotions, explore the environment by turns, and learn to cooperate with others.

3. Growth of Imagination and Logic

Children use their logic and imagination while playing with toys that are open-ended and allow for flexibility. Interactive toys also develop awareness and recognition of the surrounding environment.

4. Development of Motor Skills

Some interactive toys work on various parts of the body like legs, hands, and fingers to balance and develop kids' muscular abilities. This is necessary for continued growth as they explore the environment around them.

5. Growth of Speaking Skills

Today some robotic interactive toys are available in the market, teaching kids how to speak a language properly. With guidance from parents or older siblings, they can learn speech skills while enjoying the fun of the toy.


Various types of interactive toys are available in the market today, including educational toys and digital games. While you can find a wide variety of interactive toys, here some of the most popular.

Gear Sets

These interactive toys improve children's imagination and logical skills. They're very kid-friendly, with bright colors, and can be assembled easily. In addition to providing kids a new building experience, gears also develop their problem solving and critical thinking skills. Children think like engineers as they interact with different components, such as pillars, gears, axels, handles, and interlocking bases.

(Gears! Gears! Gears! Deluxe Building Set, 100 Pieces)

LEGO Blocks

A long-standing classic, LEGO blocks are a perfect choice for developing kids' intelligence while having fun. There are many different LEGO toys, including free-form sets with no instructions to highly scripted sets that build boats, cars, planes, and more.

(LEGO Classic Medium Creative Brick Box)

Marble Run Toys

Marble games have been played by kids for decades. With the advancement of new technologies and manufacturing innovation, they've emerged as a leading interactive and STEM development toy in recent years. This is particularly true of the marble run.

Though you can find a variety of marble runs at stores or online, there are only a select few that offer the highest quality while maximizing the development benefit for children. At Marble Genius, we consider our marble run toys among the best you'll find anywhere.

(Marble Genius Super Set)

Whether you decide to move forward with the purchase of gear sets, Legos, or marble run toys, it's always important to do your research so you know what you're buying.

Marble runs in particular have had a number of very cheap and flimsy versions being sold on the Internet. Do your homework and read this blog post to find the best marble run money can buy!

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Why Marble Runs Are the Perfect Toy + Instructional Videos

Why Marble Runs Are the Perfect Toy + Instructional Videos

In today's technology-driven world, kids seem to be strapped to screens rather than playing and interacting with other kids. But with the reinvention of classic toys like the marble run, they have the opportunity to be inspired through interactive play.


At Marble Genius, we've put a lot of work and thought into the designs of our marble run toys. Here are two of the many reasons we think marble runs are the perfect toy:

Marble runs offer endless building options.

Our system of see-through plastic tubes can be built in a massive array of heights and widths. You can make structures from a small tabletop design to a gargantuan structure that fills up a room. Creativity runs free as you connect action pieces with tubes, loops, spinning wheels, and more. If you get tired of your current structure, you can always build a new one. The possibilities truly are endless!

Marble runs inspire learning through play.

Marble runs are the ideal toy because they're not only fun, but they build important life skills in kids. Through trial and error, children are able to develop logical thinking skills, memory and recall, motor skills, and more. (For more on this topic, check out the following articles on promoting child development and the importance of interactive toys.)


Marble runs are intended to be open-ended, meaning you can let your imagination go free as you design and build your own structures. However, some people like a little inspiration to get started.

To get the most out of your Marble Genius marble run, we've created four videos below that show builds from start to finish -- two for our Starter Set and two for our Super Set. The videos are set to music and move slowly enough that you can build your marble runs alongside them.

Our hope is that these videos will build your confidence, spark your creativity, and inspire you to dream up your own structures in the future. Happy building!

Marble Run Instructional Videos: Step-by-Step

Marble Run Super Set

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Finding the Best Marble Run

Finding the Best Marble Run

Finding the best marble run can be a daunting task because there are so many options and the quality differences between products can be significant. No matter how difficult it might be, doing a little research up front will save you a lot of money and frustration later.

Here are some tips to make your marble run search a little easier...


It's essential to know the specific reason of your purchase when considering a marble toy. Do you want to build a marble race? Are you looking for a marble roller coaster that requires complex construction? Or are you looking for a traditional marble run toy that allows your kids to create numerous configurations and endless fun?

Once you're clear that you want to move forward with purchasing a marble run, there are additional considerations to take into account.


There are a number of companies that sell at least one type of marble run, and each of them have their pros and cons.


This is one of the better companies that has mostly satisfied customers. Customers who have complained mention its poor design and quality for the price. Galt's primary marble runs don't have see-through pieces -- a feature that tends to be a kid favorite.

(Galt Mega Marble Run Toy)


This is an Italian-made product that has received an average response. Many people are unhappy with its poor quality and flimsy structure. However, Quercetti offers a variety of eye-catching pieces in their sets.

(Quercetti Super Marble Run)


This company is well known for creating education toys, but reviews suggest that Imaginarium's marble run doesn't live up to their usual standards. The run is difficult to assemble, and once built, isn't sturdy for long-lasting play. They do, however, offer colorful, eye-catching pieces that are sure to get kids excited to play.

(Imaginarium Deluxe Marble Race)

Mega Fun / Mindware / Toysmith 

Each of these companies makes several different marble run toys, but have mixed reviews regarding the quality of product. Mega Fun and Toysmith get the worst reviews in terms of flimsy structure and quality, while Mindware is a more solid option. Toysmith and Mindware marble runs don't have see-through pieces, whereas Mega Fun offers a mixture of both. Be sure to research and read reviews for pros and cons of each one before purchasing.

(Toysmith 80-Piece Marble Run)


Edushape has a number of different marble run products. Many of their designs are bright and colorful. Unfortunately, many of their sets get mixed reviews due to the pieces not staying together very well and the bases not being solid enough.

(Edushape Marbulous Marble Run)

Discovery Toys

The Discovery Toys Marble Run was one of the originals and still receives a good response. The pieces are easy to assemble for older kids, but can be challenging for young kids. It's an entertaining set because of additional add-ons, but unfortunately these products have failed to innovate over the years, so the colors and some of the pieces are a bit outdated.

(Marbleworks Starter Set by Discovery Toys)

Marble Genius

Here at Marble Genius, we've gone to tremendous lengths to build high-quality marble runs that are stable and durable. We've researched every product on the market, noting its strengths and seeking to improve on its weaknesses.

Our designs are bright and colorful and feature a number of exciting action pieces. From the very simple to the very complex, Marble Genius has a marble run for every age group that's both challenging and engaging. Our pieces stick together well, but they can come apart easily when built by younger kids. We also provide a higher number of large bases to support the tallest of marble runs.

(Marble Genius Super Set)


Before you purchase any marble run, we highly encourage you to do your own research on each of these products so you can come to your own conclusion. Don’t get sucked in by pictures alone, but make sure you pay attention to all of the quality aspects mentioned above. For more specific buying tips, check out these articles on purchasing a fun and sturdy marble run.

Happy shopping!

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How to Make the Most of Family Game Nights

How to Make the Most of Family Game Nights

In today's busy world, finding time to spend together as a family can be a challenge. Most evenings may be taken up by homework, sports, or other activities. However, keeping your family close means spending time together in a fun setting.


Game nights are valuable for many reasons, but here are three we'd like to highlight:

1. Family game nights build relationships.

The importance of spending quality time together can't be overstated. With this time, you'll bond with each other and improve communication. Seemingly meaningless conversation can open the door to more meaningful times that might be missed otherwise.

2. Family game nights create learning opportunities.

Kids can learn a lot while interacting with their parents through play. From sportsmanship to following directions and improving communication, you can help your children build important skills simply by letting them watch your example.

3. Family game nights are inexpensive and build healthy habits.

Because they're a good brain exercise, game nights keep your family from sitting in front of the TV or playing video games all day. Instead, your family enjoys quality time together, creating memories that will last throughout your kids' lives.


There are thousands of games available, and having a variety to choose from keeps it interesting. If you have young kids, an interactive game is the best option so they don't have to sit still.

Here are some of our ideas for interactive toys and games...

Classic Games

Classic games are ones that never go out of style. Pictionary and charades are easy to play and fun for the entire family. You can purchase the official games or make up your own versions easily. These games work well for mid-size or large families since you'll want at least two players on each team. Other classic games that work well for any sized group include Uno, dominos, and Yahtzee.

Strategic Games

These are a good option if you have older children who enjoy strategy and logic. Risk and Settlers of Catan are perfect examples. The only downside to these games is that they may take several hours to play. Save these for nights when you have a enough time to enjoy them. Or if you don't have time to finish in one sitting, set up the game on a card table and return to it periodically. You may enjoy spreading out the playing time.

Marble Run Games

Marble runs are perfect for both kids and adults. They come with a variety of pieces that let you assemble a range of easy and complex structures. Designing the run and watching the marbles roll down is guaranteed to make your kids smile. To add a competitive aspect, you could create a marble race with teams, or set up a bracket for the entire family.


Use these ideas to create your own family game night, and have fun! We recommend making it a habit by scheduling it on a certain night every week or a certain weekend every month as your schedule allows. You may even want to combine game nights with another family and rotate hosts.

Enjoy this time with your kids as you build lasting memories!

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Why Educational Toys Are Important

Why Educational Toys Are Important

We all know that kids learn best with hands-on toys, such as Legos, building sets, science kits, and marble runs. But what exactly do our kids learn while they play with them?

The benefits of educational toys cover many aspects of a child's development. Here are a few we'd like to highlight.


1. Educational toys enhance creativity.

Through educational toys, kids are exposed to different ways of learning and playing. This ultimately enables them to try new things and explore their imagination. A good example is building blocks. While building a structure, kids have the opportunity to explore the world from their unique lens and imagine it in new and exciting ways.

2. Educational toys teach new subjects.

From a young age, children can be exposed to a variety of subjects through educational toys. Examples include learning about different colors, shapes, and words. Older kids can expand their knowledge of science, mathematics, writing, and more. One example is marble runs, such as the ones we make here at Marble Genius. When kids put together a marble run, they're exploring the concepts of physics, engineering, and math...all while having fun.

3. Educational toys develop problem solving skills.

Hands-on toys are designed to provide a problem that needs to be solved. Kids use their own ideas and thoughts to solve it and ultimately reach the given goal. Puzzles are a great toy that enhance problem solving skills. By developing these skills at an early age, kids are equipped to tackle bigger problems as they grow older.

4. Educational toys foster critical thinking.

In order for kids to reach the goal in educational toys, they need to engage their minds with plenty of thought, sequencing, and memory. Multiple senses come into play as they make observations and analyze different problems. Tracking, sequencing, and sorting are among the other skills they learn.

5. Educational toys boost kids' confidence.

Everyone gets a boost of confidence from doing something successfully, and this is definitely true of kids. Once they've worked hard to solve a problem and see the fruits of their labor, they feel more confident to tackle other challenges in the future. By introducing new varieties of educational toys, kids have the opportunity to test new skills and gain confidence in new areas.

6. Educational toys keep kids busy.

As parents, it's a continual challenge to keep our kids entertained without putting a screen in front of them. Educational toys are the perfect solution for boredom, as they offer continual challenges and ignite the imagination. Interactive toys that allow for future expansion are the best at occupying a child's interest for hours.


Keeping a wide variety of educational toys on hand will allow your kids to expand and grow in new ways every day. By stocking your home with puzzles, building blocks, marble runs, and more, kids can explore their creativity, learn new subjects, develop critical thinking and problem solving skills, and grow in confidence. Best of all, they'll have FUN!

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STEM Toys and Their Benefits - Making Kids Smarter

STEM Toys and Their Benefits - Making Kids Smarter

If you have school-aged children, you know the value of education in their lives and the impact STEM toys can have. This is why it's so important to provide them with resources to learn both at school and at home.

STEM toys are multi-purpose learning tools that sharpen kids' knowledge and enable them to have fun at the same time. The toys are not only entertaining and engaging to play with but educational too. In the recent past, the use of these toys for educational purposes has grown tremendously, boosting their popularity among parents across the globe.


STEM is an acronym for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math. STEM toys are developed with an educational concept for use in learning. They aim at sparking interest in science, technology, and mathematics in kids at a very young age.

For parents and guardians who wonder what benefits their kids get from playing, these learning toys have a significant impact in the educational wellbeing of a child. The attractiveness of STEM toys is seen in the uniqueness and creativity used in the design and making of the toys.


Enhancing Divergent Thinking 

There's nothing more fulfilling than seeing a kid with a divergent thinking approach to various situations in life. Kids have become masters and crafters of their destinies, and STEM toys are one way to keep that type of thinking going.

Enhancing Creativity 

Playing with STEM toys from a young age allows kids to be creative and develop problem solving skills. Children often come up with fascinating creations that are not only out of this world, but have also dwarfed other similar innovations by grownups. Such high-level creativity and innovation can be traced back to the use of learning toys at an early age. 

Develop Hand-Eye Coordination 

For kids who get exposed to STEM toys at a young age, hand-eye coordination is a natural skill that's developed. Through building and manipulation of the toys, kids learn the connection between what they see and what their hands are able to do.

Promoting Spatial Skills

Several research studies have shown a strong connection between construction play and spatial skills. Kids who play with STEM toys show a profound interest in construction and often build sophisticated structures that portray the use of fine spatial skills and intelligence.

Building structures invoke kids to use their imagination in creating a mental image on the structure they want to build even before beginning construction. Recent experimental studies have shown that kids with learning toys outperform their peers in mental rotation and spatial visualization.


There's a wide variety of STEM toys available in the market today. Here are some of our favorites:

Magnetic Tiles 

Designed for use by kids ages 2 to 12 years, these toys are a great investment. The main reason they're a favorite choice for parents and teachers is because they come with endless play possibilities. The tiles are joined using magnets, which make it easy for kids to create elaborate structures that can often be taller than them.

(Jack & Roo Mag Builders)

Marble Runs 

The marble run is arguably one of the best STEM toys for kids across the globe. They come in different variations, including starter sets for beginners and extreme sets for pro players. Well-made marble runs boast attributes such as strength, durability, ease of use, ability to invoke high-level creativity, high-end quality, and limitless options of play. (To learn more about our Marble Genius marble runs, you can visit this link.)

Snap Circuit Toys 

Snap Circuits teach the basics and principles of electricity. With over 60 pieces, the toys can be used in creating 300+ different electronic projects. Some of the common pieces in these toys include slide switches, snap wires, music integrated circuits, and alarm circuits.

(Snap Circuits Snaptricity)


We all want to see our kids grow in their skills and knowledge, and inspiring them through play is the ideal way to do that. With the continual creation and development of sophisticated STEM toys, kids are equipped to be an innovative and bright generation in our future and today.

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