Schools & Teachers - STEM Learning

Thank you for visiting Marble Genius! Our marble run toys work great in the classroom environment and in libraries for STEM Education and Makerspaces. Kids learn best when they can apply what they're being taught, and there are a number of STEM principles that can be taught with marble run toys.

We've put together a few that are available for free download below. These are just a few examples of lesson plans that can be used with marble run toys. We would love it if you would send in a complete lesson plan that we could share with our community and in exchange will send you a FREE marble run. We hope you find the following lesson plans helpful. Please reach out to jeff@marblegenius.com if you have a lesson plan you would like to share.

STEM Lesson Plan Grades Pre-K - Kindergarten

STEM Lesson Plan Grades 1-4

STEM Lesson Plan Middle School

STEM Lesson Plan - Acceleration (Free Download)