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Schools & Teachers - STEM Learning

Thank you for visiting Marble Genius! Our marble run toys work great in the classroom environment and in libraries for STEM Education and Makerspaces. Kids learn best when they can apply what they're being taught, and marble runs offer a wide range of options for STEM lessons.

To see how one of our Teacher Ambassadors used marble runs in her classroom, visit this blog article

For interactive STEM lessons, check out our free app, where we feature a STEM Lab section with challenges and activities by age level.

We also offer grade-specific lesson plans below. Simply click the links, and you can open and download.

Do you have ideas or examples from your school? We'd love to hear from you! Send us your lesson plans at, and we'll provide a FREE marble run for your classroom.

Thank you for all you do to inspire the next generation!

STEM Lesson Plan - Yikes!  Debug the Marble Run!

STEM Lesson Plan: Elementary - Slowest Marble Run

STEM Lesson Plan: Elementary - Trial & Error

STEM Lesson Plan: Elementary - Acceleration

STEM Lesson Plan: Middle School